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Fun Writing Competition starting July 1

I'm having a fun writing competition on the site. Anyone can enter as long as you're not a published author by July 1. The rules are tough - here they are

The keys are that your story can't exceed 3000 words, it must be funny, it must be M/M and have at least one sex scene, and there must be dialogue that extends beyond panting, grunting and groaning. Oh, no kissing the judges or promising to have sex with them in order to win, because that would be cheating.

If you're interested, get those creative juices flowing because the judges can't wait to read your masterpiece (or is that mistresspiece)? Whatever! We would love to read your entry. Remember - there must be sex in the story.
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Advice Series for New M/M authors

Starting on June 1 a new series debuts on the website which will be geared to helping newbie M/M authors, or authors who have moved from other romance genres to whom M/M romance themes are unfamiliar.

Yesterday I invited several experienced and highly respected M/M authors such as Ally Blue, Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach, Rick R. Reed and Victor J. Banis to participate in this series and they immediately said ‘yes’ when I approached them. Josh Lanyon, has already agreed to do more than one post and you know that I will follow up with him on his promise.

I’ll be sending out invitations to other well known and respected M/M authors shortly and will announce these participants and their topics in my regular weekly updates.

I’m pretty excited about this initiative for several reasons. With the exponential growth and popularity of Male/Male romance which is outstripping that of other romance genres, especially over the past two years, more and more new authors and publishers are moving into this genre and rushing to publish, sometimes with disastrous results because of a lack of proper resources such as editing. As a reader and reviewer I know that new M/M authors have a more difficult job than het authors because the majority of them are straight females and they are writing about gay men in love, something about which they may be unfamiliar. This leads to mistakes in characterizations. I hope that this series will give these new authors writing advice about all areas of M/M romances and ultimately provide readers with a better product. For me there’s nothing better than curling up with a good M/M book after a hard day’s work or on the weekend.

Thanks to Eden Winters, a new M/M author who gave me the germ for this idea when she asked whether I could publish a post with advice from veteran M/M authors on topics such as

What one thing do you think new writers should know? and
What one thing did you have to learn the hard way?

I thought that expanding this theme into an ongoing series would be even better in terms of providing continuing help to new M/M authors or aspiring authors.

My heartfelt thanks to Ally, Josh, Laura, Rick and Victor for agreeing without hesitation to participate in this series that I know will benefit the authors and ultimately readers of the genre.

I haven’t decided what to call the new series except something bland like “Advice to New Authors” or “Advice from the Experts.” Maybe one of you could come up with a much more profound or catchy title and I would be happy to donate a $10 US gift certificate to the person with the winning name. The GC could be for or any publisher or book re-seller of the winner’s choice. If you would like to vote on a name please leave a comment on the website. Here's the link
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4th Ugly Covers Competition

I haven't been on Lj for several weeks but I thought this would be a great occasion to break the drought. I posted the nominations for the 4th Ugly Covers Competition today and what a haul! Authors, I hope your book cover is not among them although some of you did send me a few of your own covers but unfortunately they were not ugly enough. :)

Here's a link to the post and one of the nominations. Enjoy.

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Interview with Steve Berman author/publisher

My interviews are back and the first one this year is Steve Berman, author and owner of Lethe Press. Steve is different from other authors who hold tightly to their personal information - he generously shares some previously classified stuff about himself that only he knows, and you might be surprised. :) I still haven't found out if he wears tighty whiteys but maybe that information will be forthcoming at another interview. In case you're curious, here's the link

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Santa Authors

Hello Authors

Last year around this time you provided your fans with free books, a gesture we all appreciated. This year many of you have been even more generous by donating books throughout the year so that readers could enjoy them at no cost. Thank you again for doing this.

Now I’m going to ask you to dig deeper and provide a free one time download of a book, hopefully a new release if you have one - if not, any book would be gratefully accepted. This would be a great Christmas gift for a reader.

I will be posting on Christmas Eve all the free books that have been donated, together with the names of the authors who are all Santas this year. If you would like to make Christmas special for a reader, please add the name of the M/M book (s) in the comments section of this post on my website here -

together with your email address (not the sekkrit one but the one on your website or blog) . I don’t need to tell you how much this gift will mean to readers at this time when the economy has kicked us all in the teeth and millions of people are without jobs.

Thanks guys and have a merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year.


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Recommended Reading for December

Here are this month’s recommended reads, based on ratings of 5 stars and above on the website:

Broken by Dawn Kimberly Johnson (Jenre)
Snow on the Mountain by P. D. Singer (Jenre)
The Green Man by M. King (Erastes)
Old Poison by Josh Lanyon (Wave)
The Persian Boy by Mary Renault (Charlie Cochrane)
American Hunks by David L. Chapman and Brett Josef Grubisic (Leslie)
I Like It Like That: True Stories of Gay Male Desire by Richard Labonte and Lawrence Schimel (Leslie)
Personal Demons by James Buchanan (Jenre)
Uneven by Anah Crow (Val Kovalin)
Riddle of the Sands by Geoffrey Knight (Wave)
Strange Fortune by Josh Lanyon (wave)
The Phoenix by Ruth Sims
Mordred Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg (Val Kovalin)

And just below the line, at 4.75 stars

The Dickens with Love by Josh Lanyon
Esprit de Corps anthology – authors Victor J. Banis, Samantha Kane, Joshn Lanyon, George Seaton (Wave)
Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair (Aunt Lynn)
Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley (Kassa)

Movie Recommendation

Shelter (M.L. Rhodes)

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